Desalter of sea water.

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Desalter of sea water.

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Energy-saving technologies, new substances and materials, nanotechnologies


Statement of turnkey manufacturing of technology transfer, technology, technological decision - assignment of rights under the patent

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The priority for the PCT application


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Laet company, individuals

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Business co-operation, joint venture -  partnership,  business agents: shares in companies;
Statement of turnkey manufacturing of technology transfer, sponsors, grantors;
Technology, technological decision - assignment of rights under the patent; Business Incubator


A major investment project, start-up

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Negotiable price

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Negotiable price

Short description

The company Laet has developed an effective  desalination of sea water, the principle of operation is based on the principle of conversion sea water into steam, which in an vaporizer and injection systems used by the original compact modules with ceramic heaters with a DLC-coating. The new approach allows the development of small-scale or industrial water desalination device that can be used for drinking water in arid areas or areas of natural disaster, on a yacht or ship, or in room conditions in the industry. Installation can also be used to obtain drinking water from desalinated water is technically (desalination process water).

At the present time to solve the problem shortage of drinking water and desalination of sea water are known productive techniques, including membrane technology and reverse osmosis. These methods allow only technical water, not acceptable for drinking. For drinking water used by traditional technologies, including the processes of conversion of sea water into steam.

The Laet company has developed an effective  desalination of sea water, which has used a well-known in the industry the way evaporation of sea water. The design as the evaporator, heater running water and simultaneously pumps used by the original compact module. The module contains a ceramic heater with a DLC-coated, mounted in a tube. DLC-coating provides heat resistance and wear resistance heaters, which allows the use of such heaters in running water.

Since the DLC-coating is inert to the effects of various chemicals including alkaline and acid solutions, it excludes the deposition of salts on the heaters. Number of modules used to specify the desired performance can distiller. Thus, the use of a single module design provides the performance of the distiller to 0.2 liters / minute of desalinated water in electric power consumption less than 100 watts. The construction of desalination is that all the modules and these a water reservoir connected to each other a single pipe, according to the principle of communicating vessels. For water pumping units do not need no pumps or moving parts. The role of the pumps perform the modules themselves -when the water is at the top of the tubes is evaporated, in its place comes fresh portions of water by gravity. The system can be switched by tens and hundreds of modules. The evaporator is made ​​up of 100 modules, covers an area about 2 square meters. m principle of desalination is not used chemicals for the withdrawal of chlorine and sodium from the water, ensuring environmental cleanliness of the plant.

The illustrations

How its work

Desalination works that way.
Sea water enters the reservoir of seawater through a discharge pipe 2. Float Level 3 system, installed in the vessel for sea water 1, it provides a given level of filling water. From the tanks of sea water through a pipe feeding 4 sea water enters the evaporator 5, which fills the bottom up vertically arranged tube 7 heat exchanger 5.

Since the capacity for sea water 1 and tube 7 a heat exchanger 5 are communicating vessels through the feed pipe 4, the filling level of the sea water in them instantly leveled. The work of 8 heaters located inside the tubes 7 heat exchanger   5 below the level of sea water into them, causing intense evaporation in the heating zone 7b tube.

Mass of evaporated sea water from tubes 7 of the heat exchanger 5 is replaced by a mass of newly received sea water 1 through the feed pipe 4 of tank of sea water in the tubes a heat exchanger 5. There is a process in which the heaters 8 work in running water, while the velocity of sea water in the tubes is proportional to the mass of the seven sea water passed into pairs, and the filling level of the heat exchanger 7, tubes 5  is kept constant. As a result of vaporization of the bulk sea water turns into steam, the remaining part is sprayed onto the surface and gets additional heaters 9, set out on the heat exchanger tubes 7 5 at an angle to the horizontal. This part of the sea water to evaporate, the rest of seawater in a brine tank flows down to the bottom of the evaporator 6, which serves as a collection of brine from the brine is discharged into the brine storage 10. Formed at the top of the evaporator heat exchanger 6 above the mass of the pair of 5 through the pump 11 is assigned to the pipe 12 and then to the condenser 13, which is condensed into fresh water and is excreted through the drainage canal of fresh water 14.

Socio-economic characteristics:

Creating new cost-effective products

Competitiveness of products in the domestic market

demand, import replacement, product profitability, cost-effectiveness of investments, the position in the competitive struggle

The competitiveness of products in foreign markets:

demand, increasing export potential, the economic efficiency of investments

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